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August 83 - Our original Music Project


August 83 was Born from Spare Parts and a desire to create original music. Inspired by artists like Sting, Toto, Pink Floyd, Sheryl Crow, Elton John Heart & Queen, their sound is a mix of Pop, Rock & Funk. In December of 2010, they released their Debut Album, "Music From Bedrooms" Described as  Pop for Grownups, their songs are familiar and fresh, but never obvious.  The album has sparkling production and was recorded at Red Tree Recording Studios, Magnolia, Tx, engineered by Jeffery Armstreet and mixed and mastered by Mark Linger, Nashville.  In addition to  outstanding reviews from fans and music industry professionals, the disc has received accolades in The Houston Chronicle and online radio reviews.


August 83 spotlights the outstanding talents of 6 dynamic Houston musicians.  Lead singer Linda Lambert’s extraordinary vocal prowess lends heartfelt vocals to their melodic songs.  Songwriter & Guitarist, Mike Lambert’s songs are unforgettable and his guitar work is tasteful and lush.  Lambert’s vocals are complimented by keyboardist Jeff Ball’s sophisticated piano lines.  Drummer, Dale Bankston and bassist Marco Yepez drive the band as a solid, hard hitting rhythm section and Dan Carpenter’s soulful sax is a signature part of their sound.


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